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  1. Manifesto!
    € 15,50
    Based on the game Happy Families, students of art of all ages are tasked with grouping together cards showing artists by movement. Also included is a booklet giving biographies of each artist ... Meer informatie
  2. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bomb
    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bomb
    € 10,90
  3. Lord of the Wings
    Lord of the Wings
    € 9,90
  4. The Little White Lies Movie Memory Game
    The Little White Lies Movie Memory Game
    € 15,50
    A memory game on films, with 50 cards and a guide to 25 movies, written and conceived by the creators of magazine }Little White Lies ... Meer informatie
  5. Match a Track
    Match a Track
    € 15,50
  6. Guess the Artist
    Guess the Artist
    Craig & Karl
    € 18,00
    A fun art card quiz game that teaches you and tests you about 60 artists ... Meer informatie
  7. Clash of the Titians
    Clash of the Titians
    € 9,90
    Pit 32 Old Masters against each other in a trump card battle encompassing hundreds of years of art history ... Meer informatie
  8. The Fame Game
    The Fame Game
    € 9,90
    In this title, 32 celebrity trump cards tell you who's up and who's down, who's hot and who's not ... Meer informatie
  9. Cats
    € 9,90
    Find out who's the cat that got the cream with this set of 30 illustrated cards. A Trump card game with wide appeal to cat lovers ... Meer informatie
  10. Dogs
    € 9,90
    Find out who’s top dog with this beautifully illustrated set of cards. Does a retriever need more grooming than an Irish setter? Has a terrier got a keener nose than a German shepherd? Is a poodle faster than a spaniel? With 6 categories and 30 ... Meer informatie

1-10 van 20

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