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  1. Robot Memory Game
    Robot Memory Game
    Mieke Gerritzen
    € 15,00
  2. The startup game
    The startup game
    Bjorn Uyens
    € 15,00
    For anyone with a great idea, in any organization with or without an innovation center, and especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. The Startup Game is just the thing for you. It is a beautifully designed, experiential card game. You can get ... Meer informatie
  3. Street style memory game - 3
    Street style memory game - 3
    Barbara Iweins
    € 12,00
    This is the third edition of Barbara Iweins' much applauded Street Style Memory Game. All new street styles and iconic people from around the world, shot on the streets and in the parks of Amsterdam. The fi rst two versions of this game sold over 15 ... Meer informatie
  4. Twins memory game
    Twins memory game
    Maaike Strengholt
    € 15,00
    After five printings of the Twins Memory Game, the creator of the game Maaike Strengholt comes up with a complete new version of this familiar mind teaser. 30 pairs of identical twins, new people, new photography, same assignment: find the most ... Meer informatie
  5. Can you see what I see memory game
    Can you see what I see memory game
    Tineke Meirink
    € 15,00
    Everyday objects get a whole new meaning or come to life by adding small sketches to them. This is the principle for this new poetic and funny memory game. One card that shows an everyday object and the matching card makes you look at the object in a ... Meer informatie
  6. Mozaa Game
    Mozaa Game
    Renske Solkesz
    € 15,00
    Mozaa can be described as a colourful combination between domino and mosaic. It is the edge matching game that brings out the artist in you The box contains 64 cards (tiles) which all have a unique colour combination. Take a playing card from the ... Meer informatie
  7. Bridgedrives om thuis te spelen - 5
    Bridgedrives om thuis te spelen - 5
    Anton Maas;Bep Vriend;Rijk van der Krol
    € 14,95
    Elk deel van de Bridgedrives-serie bevat zeven drives van zestien spellen. De spellen zijn niet geselecteerd op moeilijkheidsgraad: het zijn gewone spellen uit de praktijk ... Meer informatie
  8. You are what you eat
    You are what you eat
    Marije Vogelzang
    € 15,00
    Marije Vogelzang, author of the successful Eat Love book, adds a fantastic new game to the BIS list of creative memory games; and unsurprisingly, it is all about food.In creating this memory game, Marije Vogelzang selected food that has a specific ... Meer informatie
  9. Lucifer puzzels
    Lucifer puzzels
    Jack Botermans
    € 15,45
    Dit boek in het kader van train je hersens, of houd je hersens scherp, of hersengymnastiek gaat over Lucifer Puzzels.Meer dan 223 pagina's puzzelplezier houden je hersens in conditie door alleen lucifers te gebruiken. Het lijkt erop alsof je hersens ... Meer informatie
  10. Fake for Real Memory Game
    Fake for Real Memory Game
    Jack Botermans
    € 15,00

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